Thursday, March 24, 2011

yet another reason

I am doing this.

We just arrived home from 3.5 days of walking Disneyland. I tried to be tough and hang in there with the family, but I was in so much physical pain it was ridiculous. My back hurt and seized up, my feet ached, my hips were terrible. I kept thinking...this is the last time I will feel like this at Disneyland. This was our first trip and I had been very worried about how I would feel with all the walking, and it looks like I had good reason to be worried. Being heavy and short - or tall- can be so hard on our bodies. For me, I fall on the short side at just 5 feet tall, and the weight just compresses my low back and puts so much pressure on  my hips and knees and clearly my feet. Ugh. I struggled to stay positive and to be focused on the fact that I have a plan and tool coming my way.


Tomorrow morning is my pre-op appointment. And then on to getting my life in order for the start of spring quarter Wednesday and surgery Thursday.

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  1. Isn't great to know that you are on the track to deal with this and that you won't have to feel that way next time?! Just remember that when you get frustrated during Bandster Hell. It will all be worthwhile very soon!