Wednesday, April 20, 2011

catching up

I am now nearly three weeks out and am finally feeling a bit better. I had two setbacks which left me exhausted and discouraged but the last several days have been pretty darn good.

I have spent a lot of time around food, cooking and preparing for Passover. There so many moments where I would have snacked or eaten in the past and honestly the food just was not on my radar. I was comfortable around the food- I felt in control instead of the other way around.

The weight loss has slowed considerably, which can be frustrating. My Doc recommends people weigh in once a week to diminish getting stressed about all the "noise" in between, the psychiatric nurse I met with says she thinks people should weigh everyday- she calls stepping on the scale- "facing the devil."

Two questions for you-
1. Do you weigh everyday?
2. Do you have a scale that you LOVE? (HA- like anyone could love a scale...but you know what I mean!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

day 5

I'm sort of ready to get back to real life. I am still having some real shoulder discomfort and after weaning off the loritab this weekend I am feeling more sore. I am also having some discomfort in my upper diaphragm, I am assuming that is where the hernia was repaired.

There is also only so much yogurt and soft liquidy type foods one can take. I am pretty low energy and think that will help when I transition to mushies. Mostly, I can not believe I am on the other side. I can't lie- I love the feeling of not being hungry. Physically hungry. I am noticing that I seem to want to munch at night regardless of the hunger- my  mind is so used to the habit. I am trying to be clear on the emotion, address it and move on. I think there will be a lot of that in my future.

I wonder if that emotional need/desire to snack will ever go away? Veteran bandsters?

Friday, April 1, 2011

the other side

Whew. It's over. I am so glad to have the surgery behind me. I am still pretty loopy from the narcotics, but- wanted to quickly write to say I made it.

I had a small hernia to repair which I think is causing some of my discomfort and for sure adding the the left shoulder pain, which has been pretty crummy.

I'm hoping to start tapering the pain meds tomorrow so I can be more alert and with it around here.

I did have lots of emotions immediately post op- thinking "what have I done"- "I hope I made the right decision" and feeling in general pretty anxious. Those feelings seems to be subsiding. Wondering if anyone else felt that way too?

More details to come- thanks for reading.