Wednesday, April 20, 2011

catching up

I am now nearly three weeks out and am finally feeling a bit better. I had two setbacks which left me exhausted and discouraged but the last several days have been pretty darn good.

I have spent a lot of time around food, cooking and preparing for Passover. There so many moments where I would have snacked or eaten in the past and honestly the food just was not on my radar. I was comfortable around the food- I felt in control instead of the other way around.

The weight loss has slowed considerably, which can be frustrating. My Doc recommends people weigh in once a week to diminish getting stressed about all the "noise" in between, the psychiatric nurse I met with says she thinks people should weigh everyday- she calls stepping on the scale- "facing the devil."

Two questions for you-
1. Do you weigh everyday?
2. Do you have a scale that you LOVE? (HA- like anyone could love a scale...but you know what I mean!)


  1. I weigh once a week. Any morethan that would make me crazy(ier).

    No great scale reviews here...

  2. I do weigh every day, but it didn't start out that way. I was only weighing weekly, but could never get my days right. I started an experiment of weighing daily just to "get to know" my body and understand the natural fluctuations. But now I'm addicted. Now like some though. There are some who weigh multiple times a day, I'm not that bad.....yet. Once I start letting it determine my mood, I put it up for a little while. Then I come back and things are good again. I have a weight watchers scale. It weighs you water, bone mass, and all kinds of other fancy functions. But honestly, other than setting it up with my height, gender, and age when we got it, I haven't used any of those functions. I have no complaints with it though. It weighs withing .1 of what my doctors puts me, so I like that!

  3. I was weighing every few days during the first two weeks (during liquid phase) but quickly found myself getting discouraged starting on mushies and began weighing only once a week. I feel that not being a slave to the number helps me appreciate that my jeans are feeling more loose, I definately have more energy etc. I am still a slave to the numbers though and need to make sure I follow my weigh ritual which involves get out of bed on Saturday morning, pee then strip and weigh in. No other numbers matter, including whatever it says mid afternoon fully dressed at the Dr. office. I try not to even worry about those numbers.

    As for scale, we have one that sounds similar to Flower measures % of body fat, etc etc. I don't remember the name. I don't even worry about that stuff. I just track my measurements once a month and my weight once a week.

    Best of luck to you.

  4. I weigh everyday... every morning when I wake up. Sometimes it's discouraging... sometimes it's exciting. I write mine down on the calendar just to see the fluctuations and how my body changes. I only take a real record on Monday... the day I had my surgery.

    I have a blue Weight Watchers scale. I used to have one that did all that fancy stuff, but it stopped working so I just bought another one that was pretty. :-)

  5. Morning!!!

    I weigh everyday. I wish I didn't! But my advice is in the beginning weigh everyday sometimes made my mood for the entire day. Meaning, right after surgery I lost a good chunk of weight, then I went to more solids, and although I didn't gain weight I wasn't losing either. So here I was, having just gone through life changing surgery and I wasn't losing anything. I was discouraged. But then after I got a few fills in things started moving. So I am okay with weighing everyday now!

    I don't love or hate my actual scale. But I can't recall the name. It was a little more expensive then the one I had was a weight eatchers!

  6. I weigh everyday and write it on a dry erase calendar in my bathroom. Through this process I know that my weight fluctuates normally at a 2 lb interval, so if I'm up within 2 pounds I know that is completely normal for my body and doesn't reflect a real gain. Weighing everyday has helped me get to know my body, and it also motivates me to stay on track.

    If you find yourself obsessing over 1-2 lbs, I wouldn't weigh everyday because you'll drive yourself crazy :) Different strokes for different folks-- you'll just have to give it a try and see what works best for you mentally.

  7. I weigh everyday. I am a scale addict. Hope y.ou had a nice Passover.

  8. Sorry...I'm 100 years behind. Anyway, I weigh almost every day. It is how I keep myself in check. If I find that I'm not weighing, I'm proably not behaving either. :)

    I have the Biggest Loser scale and it seems to work well. I didn't buy it on purpose, it was just the one on sale when my last one broke!