Friday, April 1, 2011

the other side

Whew. It's over. I am so glad to have the surgery behind me. I am still pretty loopy from the narcotics, but- wanted to quickly write to say I made it.

I had a small hernia to repair which I think is causing some of my discomfort and for sure adding the the left shoulder pain, which has been pretty crummy.

I'm hoping to start tapering the pain meds tomorrow so I can be more alert and with it around here.

I did have lots of emotions immediately post op- thinking "what have I done"- "I hope I made the right decision" and feeling in general pretty anxious. Those feelings seems to be subsiding. Wondering if anyone else felt that way too?

More details to come- thanks for reading.


  1. I had those feelings. Occassionally, I still have them. But then I put on my size 12 jeans and realize that I could NOT have done it by myself.

    The first few weeks are tough, but the hardest part. Be patient and good things will come!

  2. Hope you are doing well and feeling better. You will not regret this!

  3. Hope you feel better!! I am a new follower to your blog and I am very excited to read about your journey!!