Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dreaming of bandland

Anytime I am about to embark on something big or there are intense things happening in my life these things always show up in my dreams. 

Last night I had a dream that I was talking to my Doc after the surgery about how I was one of the only patients she had ever had who could not lose weight.  She was mystified and I was crushed.


I know I my confidence is bruised from my past attempts, but I also know I need to believe in myself- so the positive affirmations and self talk begin today. 

In other news- the countdown has officially about to begin- surgery is in 19 days. Pre-op diet begins in 12 days.  I am nervous for the diet, but also see it as a detox opportunity. 
How was the pre-op diet for all of you??


  1. So close! I'm not going to lie. The pre-op diet sucked. However, I was finally DOING SOMETHING. And I felt so darn successful after two weeks of following that thing to the letter. It prepared me for what I was going to face after.

    The first few weeks/months are tough while you are waiting to get to your right restriction. I had to diet or be okay with gaining weight during that time. But then once you get to your proper restriction?? It just makes things SO much eaiser.

    Be patient, be patient, be patient. :) You are going to do GREAT!!

  2. The pre op diet is hard but worth it. Luckily I got to eat 1 meal on it. But it is exciting as it puts you on the way to getting banded!

  3. im so glad to have found your blog! im just in the starting thoughts of "is this a possibility for me"....im scared to even check into. fear of yet another failed attempt at weight loss. i too have been to WW (or what i call rehab) about 7 times with only that first time being successful. thank you so much for putting your story out there. im anxious to follow it.

  4. Referring to an earlier post: I too have tried WW multiple times. I was very successful the first time... however, each successive time was a miserable failure. I was glad to see that this seems to be a common occurrence.

    I am excited about the preop diet. Just because it means I am finally close to having the WLS done!!! I am not a patient person, and I HATE being in limbo. lol