Saturday, March 19, 2011 all the right places

I went to my first support group meeting this week. My center allows you to go once you have a surgery date. I was apprehensive. A little anxious to say the least. Not sure who or what I would encounter.

I walked through the door and the very first person I saw was someone I knew. Let's call him C. C and I had literally just had coffee on Monday. He did not mention anything and I of course have been planning to keep this mostly to myself. When we greeted each other at the support group we chuckled and sat down together. His surgery was 2 weeks ago and he is doing great. He was March 1st and I am scheduled for March 31st- we thought it was cute that we bookended the month. Such a small, small world sometimes.

The topic was all about food. IRONIC! And one of the surgeons even did a cooking demonstration which was pretty great. He made spaghetti squash recipe and they passed around taste testers, it was delish.

Afterward the main topic the group broke down into smaller groups. I joined the newbies, but wish I had gone with the emotional eating group. My group had little to say and I found myself getting into a side conversation to the person next to me. She was super helpful, she has had her band for a month and had just gotten her first fill. I'm glad we met and though she lives several hours away hope we can support one another.

I am so grateful to be getting comments on my posts, it feels so good to know people are out there- either having walked this path before me, or who I may be able to help as they think about taking this journey themselves.

Next steps for me.

  • vacation with my husband and kiddos starting Sunday
  • back in town Thursday
  • begin the pre-op diet Friday
  • pre-op appointment Friday morning
  • first day of spring quarter Wednesday night (did I mention I'm in grad school)
More to come, happy weekend everyone.

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  1. I love my support group so much! I can't imagine going through all of this without them.