Sunday, March 6, 2011

gathering the gear

This is what I do. I am a planner, an organizer. I like to get things ready, prepare them, focus on the details to manage my crazy. Getting ready for this experience is no different. 

I have shakes for the pre-op diet ( My doc gives the choice of the bariatric advantage powder or the EAS car control, I'm going with the EAS but am very worried that I will hate them, any suggestions welcome!)

I have 1 cup ramekins that work with my dishes so I can feel like I am eating with the rest of my family. 

I have one cup to go containers in mass quantities for taking on the go. 

I have new waterbottles that I love so I am hoping that will encourage me to drink from them!

I am working on getting my vitamins: my doc suggests bariatric advantage chewables- flavor suggestions welcome, calcium chews and am wondering about the best choice for fiber. 

I have been watching youtube channels in all my spare minutes and have read just about every lapband blog I could get my hands on....

Is there anything I'm missing, anything you wish you had known before you had your surgery?

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  1. I too am a planner. I have 6 months to go before my surgery will be scheduled, but I've already purchased little 1/2 cup dessert bowls - they're pretty and fancy looking. lol. so that I feel like I am being spoiled. I also picked up some shot glasses, 1 ounce capacity. These look just like miniature drinking glasses. lol

    I am wondering what you thought of the protein shake mix, and also the vitamins. I am worried about the protein shakes because i have never liked the taste of any of the ones I've tried.

    Good luck on your journey, and I hope to follow you through it.